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Hello Kitty Stationary Stickers are available on Sanrio`s official site. The prices range depending on the style and what type of material used. The more detailed and embellished, the pricier it is.

One of these is the Bu-ten Hello Kitty Stickers: Bu-ten. This is a Japan Exclusive and is for sale for $3.00. This is a terrific addition to one`s sticker collection. It comes with a gold-toned metallic shine. The size is 7.25" x 4".

Hello Kitty Stationary Paper and Desktop items are available on eBay. One of these great items to give a way as gifts is the 2012 Desk Top Calendar / Stationery *A. The Buy It Now price is US $9.99.

This Spiral Desktop Calendar comes with different hello kitty designs each month. It has an extra sticker sheet to mark important dates all throughout the year. This is made in Japan.

The size is size: 19.5 x 16cm or 7.5" x 6.25". This is printed in bilingual, both in English and Japanese. This is a great Christmas gift or even a birthday gift!

Hello Kitty Stationary Paper like the Sanrio Hello Kitty and Friends Stationery Letter Set is for sale on eBay at US $3.98. There are a total of 36 different sheets and it is composed of 12 Hello Kitty, 12 My Melody and 12 Cinnamoroll. The paper dimensions are 5.8" x 4".

Another great item is the Hello Kitty Memo Pad in Case in Rose color. This is for sale at $6.75 on Sanrio. This has the dimensions of 4" x 5" x 2" and a great memo pad to jot down dates and messages. A wonderful addition to a person`s tabletop or desktop.

The Hello Kitty Diary Black is for sale at $100.00. This letter diary has been designed by Victoria Couture and has a magnetic snap closure. It ahs four card slots and has line sheets. The size is 6" x 7.5" x 1.5".
Japanese company Sanrio Co., Ltd., offers a wide range of stationery products under its trademark, Hello Kitty. This portfolio of stationery includes a whole lot of small and big objects such as Hello Kitty Message Pads, Hello Kitty Mini Spiral Book, Hello Kitty Jumbo Memo Pad, Hello Kitty Memo and Pen Set, Hello Kitty Dress-up Letter Set, Hello Kitty Locking Diary, Hello Kitty Mini Clipboard with Memo, Hello Kitty Planner and Calendar, etc. Within these, there are further combinations and variations. Therefore spiral notebooks with different type of paper or of a different size may be identified with different names such as butterfly, or My Melody.

Apart from these there are other stationery items like sticky notes, stapler, etc., that are essential in offices. These too are available under Hello Kitty brand. These stationery items are stylishly designed to bring in some sophistication. They are costly but when such style is desirable, they are worth it. Prices vary between$1.25 to $20, or even more depending upon the item selected. There are stationery items for children as well.

On each such stationery item there is the image of a white kitty. A bow in red on her left ear identifies it as the kitty on which this brand has been developed. Sometime in the early years of 1970`s, Sanrio introduced a coin purse in Japan with the image of this kitty. Within no time, this cute kitty found her way into the hearts of people. Following this success, Sanrio introduced other objects, which were also received well by the Japanese buyers. The kitty has no other history beyond the 1970`s, but it has become inseparable part of Japanese culture.

This success with the kitty prompted the Japanese company to introduce these products in other countries as well. So in 1976, some Hello Kitty products were launched in the United States. Today the company earns more than $1 billion each year. It also offers more than 12000 Hello Kitty products even though it retires about 600 products from the line each year so that its products do not look jaded. Sanrio also introduces around 600 new products every year under Hello Kitty trademark.

The colors on these Hello Kitty stationery items are predominantly pinks, reds, and whites, though other colors are also used. The effect is similar to that in children`s nursery. But that appearance in no way confines these products exclusively for use by children. These products look good even in formal environments like the offices. Moreover, the pleasing looks of the lovable kitty puts everybody in better frame of mind.

There are several other Hello Kitty products. These include rugs, duvets, clothing, home decor, etc., apart from stationery items. These make good gifts and are appreciated by the receiver. In keeping with times, Sanrio has also added many contemporary products to the list, such as mobile phones, music instruments, contemporary furniture etc. to its list. Well-established retailers of the caliber of Macy`s are roped in to sell these products. There are online vendors as well that sell Hello Kitty products.

Stationery means an office or paper supplies, but if you will ask a school girl or teenager what stationery is it could mean something really interested and exciting for them.

Sanrio was a Japanese company that created Hello Kitty, a charming Kitty who wears big red ribbon. Hello Kitty do not have a mouth and the creator explained that they didn't give her a mouth because she only speaks from the heart so the kids around the world could understand her better than if she will speak a particular language. This Sanrio`s trademark was created 1974 and became popular to kids and school girl in the year 1980`s to 1990`s.

From the year it was created Sanrio has come up to several novelty items with this Kitty`s image printed on their products and one of those are the Hello Kitty Stationery line. There are a lot of stationery design available right now like the Red Kitty, Butterfly Kitty, Kitty in Animal Costume, Cherry Kitty, Hello Kitty Tea Party, 70`s Kitty, Bee Kitty, Swan Kitty, Strawberry Kitty, Black Kitty and many more. These designs are available in postcards, memo pad, slum books, stickers, envelopes, notebooks and clipboards. Not only that to match your paper collections other products like pens, pencils, erasers, glues, stamp pads and even paper clips are also available. For true blue Hello Kitty collectors and fanatics, there are vintage stationery sets that you can get and the easiest way to get it is by ordering it online. You will never get enough of this seemingly never ending collection of paper products once you start browsing the net in fact you'll find yourself more addicted to it.

Like any other products the prices depend on what kind of set you want to grab and also the materials used in making the item but to give you a rough idea there are items that costs $0.99 and some costs up to $30.00. The best items that you can have are the ones made from where it all started of course. You can never go wrong if you ordered your Hello Kitty products in Japan aside from its quality you are 100% sure that it is authentic, this fact is especially for collectors who buy these items for keep.

Unless you are a girl, you will never understand the passion of collecting these pretty colored papers. When I was young around ten or twelve I love collecting cute stationery in fact I sill have some of it. Lately, I realized how funny and cute it was when I am so crazy saving money to buy this papers but can't even right on it because it`s too nice to put my ugly hand writing on it. Until now I can't explain why I find it hard to scribble my pen on my stationery pad but if you will see my favorite collection maybe you will understand. The only stationery set that I possess in hand right now is my Hello Kitty Letter Set which I got as a gift from a friend in Okinawa, Japan.

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